1.5v DC to 220v AC Inverter or DC to AC Converter

1.5v DC to 220v AC inverter

In this Project 1.5v DC to 220v AC inverter, we are going to make a precise low power converter circuit. We have used a couple of parts to make this endeavor. For sure, even this endeavor can be made with scrap sections present at your own home. An inverter circuit is used to change over the DC current to AC current. You can make this undertaking unequivocally anyway. It is a preliminary circuit. It might be used as a business use.

1.5v DC to 220v AC inverter

1.5 to 220v inverter
1.5v to 220v converter

There are two sorts of inverters. 

1.Real/unadulterated sine wave inverters 

2 .semi or balanced inverters. 

Unadulterated sine wave inverters are excessive while adjusted or semi inverters are increasingly moderate.

Balanced/semi inverters produce square waves, and these are not used to control unadulterated sorts of apparatus. Balanced square wave inverters use transistors and transformers to convey AC current from DC current.

In this endeavor, we have made an amazingly clear converter that can b used to shimmer the AC LEDs bulb of 1 watt at any rate its ability can be extended if you rewind the transformer yourself.


(1). Transformer structure convenient Charger

(2).A transistor from old broken CFL circuit 13003/13005 or some other NPN transistors

Transformer Points 

1.5-volt Transformer

The centers which have the most extreme restriction will take for yield, and distinctive censers can be used as information centers according to the circuit chart.


You can use any NPN transistor, and we have used the D13003 NPN transistor in this circuit.

d13003 Transistor

Motivations behind D13003 Transistor centers are showed up in the framework given.

1.5 to 220v inverter

the circuit diagram is displayed there you can use it with 1w drove bulb in a manner of speaking

Last Project of 1.5dc v to 220v AC

1.5v DC to 220v AC inverter

This errand has extraordinarily low power yield, and it’s only for tests. This endeavor isn’t business use, please use this for learning. In case you have to use it for home machines, by then, please visit this one and use it for your home contraptions.

#1.5 to 220v inverter



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