Flip Flop using timer IC 555

In this assignment, I am going to show a completely beneficial and exquisite turn Flop Circuit the usage of Timer Ic 555. The Circuit Is capable of Blink 8 superb vibrant Blue And Reds LEDs. The Circuit Is construct around A well-known 555 Timer IC that is stressed As An A-stable Multi Vibrator right here. The LEDs Are categorized Into two Pairs incorporates eight LEDs. The No Of LED’s may be increased and reduce in line with Your necessities And choice.

IC Will Blink every Pair one at a time Or In A turn Flop manner. A 10K Variable Resistor Is Used To regulate The Flashing pace consistent with.

FlipFlop the use of timer ic 555

That is four Volts Circuit And in case you need To Run more LEDs And On 12 Volts Then Use three LEDs In a chain. The Circuit Given underneath Will boom Your understanding. You could alternate This As want.

12v Flop Flop Circuit Diagram

Pin diagram and description of IC555


Pin name purpose

1 GND ground Reference Voltage, Low level (0 V)

2 TRIG The OUT Pin goes high And A Timing c programming language begins when This input Falls below half Of CTRL Voltage (that is normally 1/three Vcc, CTRL Being 2/3 Vcc by using Default If CTRL Is Left Open). In other words, OUT Is high as long as The trigger Low. Output Of The Timer absolutely relies upon Upon The Amplitude Of The external cause Voltage implemented To This Pin.

3 OUT This Output Is pushed To about 1.7 V below +Vcc, Or To GND


A Timing interval may be Reset by riding This input To GND, but the Timing Does no longer start once more until RESET Rises Above about zero.7 Volts. Overrides TRIG Which Overrides Threshold.

5 CTRL provides “manipulate” get right of entry to To The internal Voltage Divider (by using Default, 2/three Vcc).

6 THR The Timing (OUT excessive) c language Ends while The Voltage At Threshold Is extra Than That At CTRL (2/three Vcc If CTRL Is Open).

7 DIS Open Collector Output Which might also Discharge A Capacitor among durations. In phase With Output.

8 Vcc advantageous supply Voltage, that is typically among 3 And 15 V depending on the variant.

Essential features OF IC 555

Almost In every Circuit 555, It Is Used nowadays. For A 555 Timer working As A turn Flop Or As A Multi-Vibrator, It Has a particular Set Of Configurations. A number of The most important functions Are As Follows.

  • Sinking Or Sourcing two hundred MA Of Load present day.
  • It Operates From A huge range Of strength starting from +five Volts To +18 Volts deliver Voltage.
  • The Output Of A 555 Timer Can force A Transistor-Transistor common sense (TTL) because of Its excessive current Output.
  • The outside components should Be decided on well in order that The Timing durations may be Made Into several minutes together with The Frequencies Exceeding numerous Hundred Kilo Hertz.
  • It Has A Temperature balance of fifty parts consistent with Million (Ppm) in keeping with the diploma Celsius change In Temperature that’s equivalent To zero.0.5 %/ °C.
  • Additionally, The most energy Dissipation in keeping with the bundle Is 600 MW, And Its cause And Reset Inputs Have common sense Compatibility.

The responsibility Cycle Of The Timer Is Adjustable.



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