Melody Generator using IC UM66


On this simple mission, we are going to Make A Melody Generator Circuit the usage of The IC UM66. This Ic (UM66) Has An in-built Beat And Tone Generator. It Has 3 Legs Like A Transistor. This IC (UM66) Has Many versions With exceptional Sounds. This Circuit may be very beneficial For The basic hobby students.

Melody generator ic


The UM….. Series Are Designed For the usage of In Calling Bell, cell phones, And Toys. It Has integrated ROM packages For track. This device Has Very Low power consumption. The Melody Is Generated At Pin three Of UM66 IC And here it’s far Amplified by way of using Transistor (T1) To pressure The Speaker. This can Generate music without Transistors but Voice Will B Very Low. Resistor R1 Limits the bottom present-day Of T1 in the safe Values. Capacitor (C1) is supposed For Noise Suppression.

UM66 Melody generator ic


Do not Exceed 4.5 V. Power delivery has to Be between 1.5V & four.5V.
For Loud Melody, Speaker may be driven With an external NPN Transistor.
The melody starts offevolved From the first If electricity Is Reset.
For higher-end results, Circuit must Be On an amazing satisfactory common Board.
Melody may be Generated without Transistor.
Capacitor 1uF 16v
Speaker /Buzzer
Resistor 4.7k
Electricity supply – 1.Five-four.5V DC
BC 547 Or Any NPN Transistor
Circuit Diagram without Transistor
The Circuit can be Used with no greater Transistor. The song may be Generated by the use of The Ic. In any case, Transistor Is Used To Make Melody In Loud Voice. The Circuit Diagram with no Transistor Is Given beneath.

Track generator ic

Circuit Diagram
In this Circuit, we’ve Used more Transistor And normally Used Transistors.

Song or Melody Generator Circuit using IC UM66TXX

Operating Of Melody Generated Circuit
The operating Of The Circuit Is very simple. We have Used UM66 A glad Birthday Tone Generator IC within the Circuit And you can trade With another ICS inside the Given under list. The working Voltage Of The Circuit Is around 1.5 To four.5v DC, So we’ve got Used A 3v Battery To strengthen The Circuit Given Above.

Output Of This IC changed into Then Fed Into the bottom Of The Transistor BC547 To pressure The Speaker connected To The Collector Of The TransistorT1. Right here A Transistor BC547 Works satisfactorily And A R1 4.7k Resistor Is Used To restrict The cutting-edge To the bottom Of The Transistor T1.

IC UM66TXX series:
The UM66TXX collection Is Designed in particular For Generate Melody, Tone era Circuits. It consists of A Chip ROM Programmed With a particular Or Tone. The IC UM66TXX Consumes Low electricity since it was Produced in the CMOS era. Ultimate two Digits Of Ic distinct Tone/ Melody. The listing Of a few commonplace Tone Generator IC And Their equivalent Numbers.

UM66T01 – Jingle Bells, Santa Is Coming To metropolis, And We Want You A Merry Yule
UM66T02 – Jingle Bells
UM66T04 – Jingle Bells, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer And pleasure To the sector
UM66T05 – domestic sweet domestic (a nice Melody)
UM66T06 – allow Me to call You candy coronary heart
UM66T08 – satisfied Birthday 2 You
UM66T09 – wedding March
UM66T11 – Love Me soft And Love Me true
UM66T13 – Easter Paradise
UM66T19 – For Elise
UM66T32 – Waltz
UM66T33 – Mary Had a little Lamb
UM66T34 – The teacher Is walking speedily
UM66T68 – it’s far A Small global

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