5W Stereo Audio Amplifier

In this article, we are Going to reveal the ways you may build A 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier for the use of TEA 2025 IC. We’ve Used Potentiometers For Left And right volume Controls. It Has an energy Output is two.5 Watts at the Left And Right Channels. It Used nine to 12 Volts strength deliver For each Channels.

Circuit and running
Circuit Diagram Of 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier Is Given below. This Circuit Is built around IC TEA 2025. Two 10-Kilo-Ohm Potentiometers are also a part of This Circuit, eight-Ohm, 2.5 Watts Loudspeakers, And a few different additives Are parts Of This Audio Amplifier. This Amplifier Is high-quality to use together With a few speakers To Get Sound on your computer pc Or pc computer.

5w Stereo Amplifier circuit

Components listing
Component price Description
C1 one hundredµF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C2 a hundredµF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C3 100µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C4 100µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C5 100µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C6 470µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C7 100µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C8 470µF 35v Polarized Capacitor
C9 0.22µF Non-Polarized Capacitor
C10 zero.22µF Non-Polarized Capacitor
C11 zero.15µF Non-Polarized Capacitor
C12 0.15µF Non-Polarized Capacitor
TEA2025 TEA2025B Amplifier Chip IC
SPKR1 4-8 Ohm Speaker
SPKR2 4-eight Ohm Speaker
R1+R2 10K dual Potentiometer

This Circuit provides The maximum advantage Of 45 DB but it is able to Be lowered with the aid of putting An outside RC collection Circuit between The Feedback Pin (6 And eleven As proven In Circuit Diagram) And the ground. The functions Recommend That not reduce The gain beneath 36 DB. On the way to advantage maximum end result, Use R=0 And C=100 ΜF between The comments And floor. The frequency method Is Given under To Calculate The Frequency.

FL = 1/(2? CRL) = 80 Hz

A high-quality feature Of TEA2025 Is It Has integrated Thermal safety. Its complete capacity Is five Watts in case you want To Run It On full Output. As a way to benefit from complete Output, you may Use a warmth Sink within the Circuit. In case you Don no longer Use warmth Sink inner Thermal safety Will no longer permit The IC To harm it’ll lessen The Output power while it’s going to feel immoderate energy.

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