How to connect LED light to 220v AC

n this article, we’re going to give an explanation for how to connect led light to 220v ac/how to run led on 220v ac. In today’s lifestyles, it will become greater interesting and extra crucial due to the fact people need a brief method and short circuits. So conquer to meet the task of the current age we display an easy technique to vibrant led mild to 220 volts AC. Led mild shown inside the following parent is so easy to make.

Circuit Diagram of led light to 220v ac

In this circuit diagram, we have used one diode a 56k/1w resistor, and a LED. Animated task percent of led light to 220v ac

5mm led with 220v

Components Required for Run led on 220v ac

  1. An LED – five mm or 10 mm of any color any kind
  2. A diode, preferably 1 N 4007
    #3. A resistor of 1 watt or higher score 47k.
    #4. A two-pin male plug

lower resistor values will provide more brightness and better values will prolong LED life.
Decrease wattage of resistors like 1/four, half of the watt or lower will not do and may burn considering that they’re meant for 6v DC circuits, no longer for 220v AC Mains.

how to run led on 220v ac

A way to assemble

  1. Connect the black anode of the diode to the negative of the led 0r as you want.
  2. Join the resistor to the wonders of the LED or as you need however circuits should in step with rules.
  3. Join the loose ends of the diode and resistor to the male pins. As proven inside the percent.
    Completed. See the attached percent for readability.
    Some other circuit with the diode linked “across” the LED is also attached. A bulb base adapter is used in place of a male pin.
    It needs to work on 110v AC / 220v AC Mains.

DC characteristic:

It’s going to additionally work on any battery!!
Another time check all additives are linked well.
After soldering resistor and diode with led now p.C. It inside the two percent plug like that

To growth, the performance of this circuit connects a 10uf capacitor

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