Footstep Power Generation System Applying Microcontroller

Footstep Power Generation

Day to day, the requirement for power is increased because the population of the world is also increasing. At the same session, the wastage of energy too increased in several ways, Certainly reforming this energy back to usable form is the better solution. Because technology is developed and the use of devices, electronic gadgets also increased.Energy generation using conservative opinions becoming deficient.

There is a requirement that arises for a different energy generation method. In the same session, power is wasted due to human movement and in countless ways. To solve this problem, by using the piezoelectric sensor the energy wastage can be converted to usable. This sensor transforms the pressure on it into a voltage. So by applying this energy-saving way, that is the footstep energy generation/Footstep Power Generation system we are generating energy.

Footstep Power Generation System

Footstep Power Generation System on The Microcontroller based

This project is applied to generate voltage using a footstep force.  The proposed method works as a medium to produce power using force. This project is really useful in public places like shopping malls, theaters, railway stations, bus stands,   etc. Then, these methods are installed in public places where people walk and they have to walk on this system to get through the entrance or exits.

microcontroller based foot step power generation system

Then, these methods may produce a voltage on every and every step of afoot. For this purpose, a piezoelectric sensor is used in order to pressure, acceleration, and measure force by its change into electric signals. This system uses a voltmeter for measuring output, led lamps, a weight measurement system, and a battery for a better demonstration of the method.

  • Whenever force is applied to the piezoelectric sensor, then the force is converted into electrical power.
  •  The output voltage is stored in the battery, in that movement,
  • The output voltage which is produced from the sensor is used to drive DC loads
  • Here we are using AT89S52 to display the quantity of battery that gets charged.


The Block Diagram of Footstep Power Generation System

The main sections of the footstep power generation system involve 

  • Piezoelectric Sensor
  • Inverter
  • AT89S52 Microcontroller
  • AC Ripple Neutralizer
  • Unidirectional Current Controller
  • Voltage Sampler
  • 16X2 LCD
  • Lead Acid Battery
  • ADC

Block Diagram of Footstep Power Generation System

Piezoelectric Sensor

A piezoelectric sensor is an electric machine that is used to measure pressure, acceleration, or forced to convert them to an electric signal. These sensors are mainly used for development in various industries, research, quality assurance, and process control. The applications of this sensor involve, medical, aerospace, pressure sensor, and nuclear instrumentation, it is used in the automotive industry. In the touchpad of mobile phones, these sensors are used to monitor ignition when developing internal burning engines.Piezoelectric Sensor

Lead Acid Battery

Lead battery is most usually used in PV systems due to low prices and easily available anywhere in any country of the World, There are two types of batteries available in the market wet and sealed, Lead-acid batteries have excellent reliability due to their capability to over-discharge withstand overcharge & shock. The batteries have superb charge approval, low self-discharge, and large electrolyte volume. Lead-acid batteries Are considered using Computer-Aided Design. This utilization of these batteries is used in Inverter, UPS Systems & has the ability to operate under critical situations.

Lead Acid Battery

AT89S52 Microcontroller

This venture makes use of the AT89S52 Microcontroller and features of this microcontroller consists of 8K bytes ROM, 256 bytes RAM three) 3 Timers, 32 I/O pins, one Serial port, 8 Interrupt resources right here we’re the usage of AT89S52microcontroller to show the quantity of battery that gets charged while we area our footstep at the piezoelectric sensor.

AT89S52 Microcontroller

Analog to Digital Converter

An ADC (analog-to-virtual converter) is a device that converts analog to digital symbols. An analog to digital converter may provide an isolated dimension. The reverse operation is executed with the aid of a DAC (digital-to-analog converter). Commonly, that is a digital device that alters an analog enter like voltage or present-day to a digital output, which is associated with the significance of the voltage or current. However, a few partly electronic devices like rotary encoders also can be taken into consideration as ADCs.

Analog to Digital Converter

AC Ripple Neutralizer

Its miles are used to eliminate the ripples from the output of the rectifier and smoothen the o/p of the D.C which is obtained from the clear out, and its miles steady until the weight and mains voltage is saved steady. Even though, if either of the 2 is numerous, then the received D.C. Voltage at this point adjustments. So a regulator is carried out at the output stage.


An inverter is an electrical device that converts direct modern to alternating contemporary; the converted alternating current may be at any required voltage & frequency with the use of applicable control circuits, transformers, and switching.

Stable state inverters are used in an extensive variety of applications because they have no moving parts from small switching electricity substances to huge electric powered utility high-voltage direct footstep power technology using piezoelectric material that shipping bulk strength. Inverters are used to supply AC energy from DC resources like batteries or solar panels. Those are categorized into types The modified sine wave inverter’s o/p is much like a rectangular wave o/p aside from that the o/p goes to zero V for a time before switching +Ve or -Ve. It is quite simple and coffee cost and is nicely-applicable with various electronic gadgets, besides sensitive or specialized system like laser printers.

1500VA Microtek Inverter

Voltage Sampler

Voltage Sampler or sample and maintain circuit is a vital analog building block and the packages of voltage sampler consist of switched-capacitor filters and analog-to-virtual converters. The main function of the sample and preserve circuit is to sample an analog i/p signal and maintain this cost over a particular length of time for subsequent processing. The pattern and preserve circuit is designed for the usage of the simplest capacitor and one MOS transistor. The working of this circuit is uncomplicated. Whilst CK is excessive, then the MOS switch could be ON, which in flip lets in output voltage to track enter voltage. When CK is low, then the MOS switch could be OFF.

Voltage Sampler

Unidirectional Current Controller

As the term specifies this circuit lets the best one path modern flowing. They’re diodes and Thyristors. In this undertaking diode (D=1N4007) is used as a unidirectional modern controller. The principal characteristic of the diode is, it permits the float of current in only one course whilst blocking cutting-edge in the reverse course.

1N4007 Diode

16X2 LCD

A 16X2 LCD display is used within the footstep strength generation venture to display the voltage repute. It is also supplied with a contrast adjusting pin. The benefits of Footstep strength generation gadget assignment are echo-pleasant, waste of electricity reduction, less preservation fee, extremely low noise, huge dynamic and temperature types, and so forth. This venture is used for street lighting, cellular charging. It may be utilized in electricity failure conditions. The software areas of this challenge involve public regions like temples, streets, metros, railway stations.

Thus, that is all approximately the footstep strength generation gadget the usage of microcontroller that is a low cost, economical. This task can be used to force both AC and DC hundreds in keeping with the stress we’ve got applied at the piezoelectric sensor. We hope which you have were given a higher understanding of this idea. Furthermore, for any queries concerning this topic, please provide your feedback inside the comment segment below. Here is a question for you, what are the applications of the piezoelectric sensor?

16x2 lcd1

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