3 Fast and Lightweight WordPress Security Plugins

Recently some users asked about the best lightweight security plugins that we are using to improve our website security and we never compromised on our website speed. Today we will hand-pick the 3 best lightweight WordPress security plugins that will help you to stop Brute Force Attacks on your website.

Before we start discussing these plugins. I have tested my self these plugins on my website and run a speed test. As you know speed is a ranking factor so we are focusing on a fast website with reliable security.

Without wasting time let’s discuss these 3 Fast and Lightweight WordPress Security Plugins.

1. Sucuri Security

3 Fast and Lightweight WordPress Security Plugins

It is one of the best and industry-leading performance WordPress security plugins. Super lightweight with tons of security options that you can use in a free version.

But, the real value of this plugin comes with the paid version. Like Firewall protection that helps you to stop brute force hacking attacks HTTP requests on your website. This lightweight security plugin stops bots and fake traffic from visiting your website.

You can get much better performance and reliable security protection than the Wordfence Security plugin in the Sucuri security plugin.

Most of the time it provides you a free site scan option which means you can find malware and remove it from your site completely if it is in your WordPress theme or plugin.

I personally use Sucuri security on all of my websites. Learn more about sucuri security plugin review.

This security plugin will help you to prevent WordPress comment spam. 

Sucuri Final Thoughts

There are 1,000,000 reasons why I would suggest Sucuri. The organization offers a site observing, malware expulsion, and all the connected site security benefits that you would require. To put it plainly, these folks are the superheroes who screen the web and will make all the difference of any site proprietor. Here are my best 8 reasons why I think Sucuri is great:

1. They Support Several Website Platforms

Sucuri’s items and administrations are not only for WordPress. They support sites running on Joomla, Drupal, PHP, .NET, and surprisingly past HTML.

  • Site Security Monitoring

The Sucuri site check scanner consequently examines your site to guarantee it is spotless of malware, dubious sidetracks, iframes, interface infusions and so forth You can physically set the recurrence with which the scanner runs its tests for malware and boycotting, content changes in the center documents, WHOIS changes and DNS changes. Likewise, the security scanner additionally guarantees that your site isn’t boycotted by Google, Norton, PhishTank, Opera, SiteAdvisor, Yandex, and, obviously their own Sucuri boycott.


  • Worker Side Scanning

The Sucuri dashboard additionally offers a view that will empower you to screen the exercises that are going on in your web worker. The framework filters your web worker to guarantee that there are no dubious records or exercises going on. Likewise, it additionally shows andy document changes with the goal that you are completely mindful about what is happening in the back-finish of your site.

  • WordPress Security Plugin

For WordPress site proprietors, Sucuri offers a free module that you can introduce very much like a typical WordPress module. This will review all your site exercises, for example, document changes, new post augmentations, client logging (and fizzled login endeavors), record transfers, and so forth The module additionally guarantees that your center WordPress records are flawless – something which is essential, given that a few programmers attempt to cover up malware inside documents that form the start look genuine. Furthermore, if that isn’t sufficient, the module likewise has a 1-click solidifying highlight which will empower you to solidify your WordPress establishment with a basic snap of a catch!

  • Security Alerts

In the event that the Sucuri site observing framework distinguishes something on your site, you are promptly informed. Sucuri offers various strategies which you can design easily – email, Twitter, SMS, IMs, and RSS.

  • Perfect Support all day, every day

These folks guarantee that on normal they take under 4 hours during their help hours (8 am – 8 pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday). I can thoroughly vouch for that. Once in a while, their care staff answers inside the hour. What’s more, they actually offer help outside these hours (in spite of the fact that it takes somewhat more). The backing is offered through a help tagging framework that is open by means of the dashboard. Thusly, you would have the option to follow the situation with all your help demands.


Making a help ticket by means of the Sucuri dashboard [Image Source]

  • Malware Cleanup

Last yet certainly not least, the Sucuri group won’t just find the malware however they will likewise clean your site for you! Their site malware cleanup administration isn’t restricted by the number of pages or the recurrence with which you demand it. What’s shockingly better is that you can buy a membership plan regardless of whether your site is now hacked. Also, if that isn’t sufficient, these folks will even assist you with eliminating your site from Google boycotting.

  • Moderate WordPress Security!

Subsequent to perusing this survey, you would concur that Sucuri will cover all your security needs. Normally, you would expect that this help runs into a great many dollars, correct? NO!

The passage level Basic bundle, which is ideal for web journals just expenses $199.99 each year or $16.66/month whenever charged every year and incorporates:

  • Malware Removal and Hack Repair
  • Ceaseless Malware and Hack Scanning
  • Brand Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring
  • Progressed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Ticket-based Customer Support

Assuming you have a web-based business site, there is the Pro bundle ($299.99/year) which gloats of quicker reaction times and more successive checking and observing. Bigger organizations can likewise choose the Business bundle ($499.99/year) which has the quickest reaction time (4 hours), most regular outputs (each 1/2 hr) just as ticket and moment talk to support.

Proficient, yet moderate WordPress Security checking and malware expulsion beginning at just $16.66/month charged every year … what are you hanging tight for?

2. iThemes Security

3 Fast and Lightweight WordPress Security Plugins

It’s a plugin developed by folks behind the BuddyPress backup plugin. Like all of these products offer a nice and clean interface.

It comes with the log-in limit feature, strong password suggestion, Brute force protection, Malware scanning, 404 detections, and more.

It does not provide website firewall protection like you get in Sucuri Security. It also uses the secure malware scanning Site check.

After searching day/night I just hand-picked these security plugins as lightweight security plugins that will never slow down your website Like Wordfence. We all know that it is one of the most popular and More than 5 Million active installs. But When I tested this plugin on my website.

My Score Went down from 98 to 43. Could you believe it?

That’s why I am writing this helpful Blog post only about these lightweight security plugins that you can use today to protect your website.

iTheme Security Final Thoughts

Sites get hacked each day. They get smashed by forswearing of-administration assaults. Malware gets embedded into their records and unleashes devastation.

Before you think this just happens to famous sites, reconsider. A huge number of little sites and sites have endured hacking assaults at any rate once… by and large, without the proprietors, in any event, thinking about it.

For WordPress sites, security modules are the principal moderating arrangements. They’re not to be taken alone, obviously—you normally need a multifaceted security approach for it to be anyplace close to safe—however, these modules can do a ton of the work expected to ensure your site.

They should in this way be considered cautiously.

The iThemes Security module is an illustration of them. It used to be known as the Better WP Security module, so some of you may know it by that name. As you can tell from the two its old and new names, it’s basically a module pointed toward getting your WordPress site against hacking and other outer assaults.

Presently, iThemes Security is free. That is really amazing for something that as of now accompanies animal power assurance, document change recognition, terrible client lockout, and online record examinations. Most free security modules don’t have these as center highlights.

In any case, the individuals who need all that it has to bring to the table in assurance will in any case need to go for its exceptional adaptation: iThemes Security Pro. This adds further highlights like client activity logging, two-factor validation, and iThemes Sync joining—something that essentially allows you to oversee site security distantly.

As additional rather than less security is by and large better, the vast majority genuine about ensuring their destinations will be keen on the exceptional adaptation. It costs, in any event, $80, however, which for some little site proprietors or bloggers is as yet extensive. On the other hand, losing your site because of a hack assault might be a more awful cost to pay.

So is iThemes Security Pro the solution to your site assurance misfortunes? Peruse on to discover.

What You Need to Know

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin Review

To begin with, the distinctions. The Pro-form adds the accompanying highlights to the free one:

  • a dashboard gadget
  • Google reCAPTCHA incorporation
  • two-factor confirmation
  • client activity logging
  • import/send out settings
  • solid secret phrase requirement dependent on job
  • transitory job advantage heightening
  • WP-CLI incorporation
  • numerous 2FA ability
  • current document consent show
  • iThemes Sync incorporation
  • private tagged help

The last thing there is presumably perhaps the best motivation to get the premium rather than the free form, indeed. Without it, you will probably wind up searching for answers to module issues in a discussion. With the top-notch rendition, you, at any rate, have a superior possibility of finding support for issues from individuals aware of everything.

So all the other things that the free release has, the superior one will have as well. That incorporates, in addition to other things, the savage power security we referenced before.

That implies that you can put down a boundary on the quantity of fizzled login endeavors every client can make, to shield from savage power assaults. It likewise permits you to whitelist your own IP on the off chance that you need to make yourself the special case (convenient on the off chance that you suck at recalling passkeys and watching your own movement).

It’s additionally ready to distinguish record changes.

That is useful in light of the fact that programmers will normally attempt to modify documents on your site. An email will make you aware of that and mention to you what’s being intruded on so you can look at it and execute a fix.

At that point there’s 404 identification: the module allows you to draw certain lines on the quantity of 404 mistakes an IP can reach in a particular time frame.

Next is solid secret phrase implementation, where you set client levels for your site and the secret word strength prerequisites for each level.

You can bolt out terrible clients as well, and boycott ones on a bot boycott.

You can plan periods where the administrator territory is completely distant, cover-up login and administrator URLs for added safeguard, and run online record correlations with assistance with malignant action discovery. The rundown goes on.

It ought to be obvious from this that iThemes Security Pro is a profoundly competent, multi-included security arrangement. It’s likewise multi-layered in its bundles.

You can get it for just $80 per year for use on 2 sites with the Blogger alternative.

The individuals who need it for 10 sites should pay $100 per year for the Freelancer choice. The limitless site bundle is called Developer and expenses $150.

The organization additionally offers a $247 bundle called the Plugin Suite, however, that gives you each of the 20 of its modules—iThemes Security Pro included—for a year on their Developer plans. All alternatives accompany a time of tagged help, a time of module updates, and 10 iThemes Sync locales.

What did We like?

  • A ton of highlights – It truly does a ton to secure your site, so we can’t say anything negative about the absence of inclusion with this module. Considering all it offers, it $80 for the 2-site plan is really a very decent arrangement.
  • Sucuri SiteCheck – This is really the product behind iThemes Security Pro’s malware output, and it has booking, email notices, and a 10-point assessment.
  • Simple arrangement – Not just does the module have a default settings alternative, yet it likewise records changes and notifications in a simple to-utilize Security Status outline from the beginning. That way, you can simply go through an ordered rundown with “Fix It” catches when managing security issues and settings.
  • Great instructional exercises area – There’s sufficient documentation on things like beginning and how to utilize its highlights.
  • High convenience – This is an exceptionally easy-to-use module, with an intensely guided arrangement experience and a cleaned-up interface. Indeed, even amateurs will rapidly figure out how to sort out it.

What We Don’t Like

  • Like all security modules, can break your site – This is guaranteed, normally, however, it’s more secure to specify it here as a sanity check. All security modules make changes to your site that can break it—contingent upon different elements—so you truly need to make a total reinforcement prior to introducing it. That implies backing up your site information base as well as each record on it utilizing a reinforcement program/module.
  • Doesn’t get along with a couple facilitating stages – A great deal of VPS or low-RAM shared facilitating plans will in general do gravely with the module, particularly in the event that you attempt to utilize progressed highlights like prefix changing and document change recognition.
  • Can expect you to in any case alter the access document for certain things – This is typically obvious on the off chance that you need to appropriately cover certain programmer drawing pages, similar to the login page.

The Verdict

We like iThemes Security Pro—it’s amazing, sensibly valued considering everything it can do, and very easy to understand. That makes it an incredible security answer for a lot of amateurs and little bloggers attempting to ensure the WordPress destinations they’ve set up. All things considered, it clearly has its limits.

It won’t be a trick-all answer for outsider attacks: there will be times when its malware identifiers miss something. It will not be useful for all facilitating plans as well, as noted prior, and it positively will not introduce totally on each site to which it’s applied.

Be that as it may, these things are valid for each and every security module presently being advertised. They’re all dangers you should face, and you simply need to manage them cleverly. Add a second malware locator, for example. See if or not your facilitating plan has sufficient RAM for its highlights (about 1GB is great). Furthermore, above all of all, always remember to do a reinforcement.

In the event that those things are dealt with, iThemes Security Pro is as great an assurance plan as you can get. It will not soil you down in intricacy, yet it will work well for you and will not hold you back. At the point when it works, it does it perfectly, and the sheer perfection of its client experience gives it an extraordinary incentive for a ton of new website admins.

3. All In One WP Security

All in one WP security is one of the most popular and best plugins for website security monitoring handling all the brute force attacks and firewall protection.

You can also Disable the copy content option for your website. So, then no one will be able to copy content from your website.

It comes with login attempts lockdown. You can limit maximum login attempts so, no one will be able to attempt on your website. Comes with basic firewall protection.

However, it is not very efficient and often you will be required to manually blacklist suspicious IPs.

Our Final Thoughts on All in One WP Security

For your own accommodation, I’ve segmented the highlights into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Remember, with regards to Intermediate and Advanced highlights be cautious as they would cause a few breaks in your site’s usefulness.

On the whole, we should go through every one of the overall settings you can discover in All in One WP Security and Firewall.

Dashboard, General Settings, and Other Tools

across the board wp-security-firewall-1-dashboard

The principal page you’re taken to when you actuate the module is the Dashboard that you see above. From here you can check your security strength meter, focuses breakdown just as fundamental choices and data. You additionally have tabs for your framework data and bolted IP addresses.

The strength meter chips away at a focused framework that you can find in the focus breakdown. It ascertains how solid your WordPress site’s security depends on the modules and settings you have set up on your site, at that point it gives it a score out of the all-out potential focuses feasible. A cool and instructive framework.

across the board wp-security-firewall-2-settings

On the off chance that you currently head to the General Settings from the sidebar, you’ll discover more choices to arrange. Truth be told from here you have the choices to cripple all the security highlights or all the firewall highlights of the module with only a single tick. Exceptionally valuable on the off chance that something breaks on your site’s front-end in the wake of making changes.

You can likewise reinforce and reestablish your .htaccess and wpconfig.php documents just as import or fare a full arrangement of settings for the module.

across the board wp-security-firewall-3-client accounts

One of the other clever apparatuses this module offers is the Password Strength device that is found in the User Accounts segment. You should simply enter the secret word being referred to and it gives you a time span in which anybody with an off-the-rack work area PC and proper secret word breaking programming can break your secret key. A valuable expansion.

Proceeding onward to the remainder of the segments you’ll discover other significant and helpful data, for example, Failed Login records, Account Activity logs, and a page showing the Logged In Users and Host System logs.

across the board wp-security-firewall-8-support

Other than these there is additionally the WhoIs Lookup choice, Comment Spam IP Monitoring, and Scanning alternatives for malware just as your information base. You likewise have the choice to set your site in maintenance mode. This will lock out your guests and show them any message you need them to see while you work on the site.

The last segment, Miscellaneous, is the place where you can empower a Copy Protection alternative that will not permit your clients to right snap or duplicate any content or pictures just as an iFrame security choice to prevent different locales from showing your substance in a casing or iframe.

Presently to begin with the settings, Basic first

As you’ll find in the screen captures beneath, any fundamental setting has a Basic label directly close to it. These are the settings you ought to empower when you introduce the module. They’re the kind of least limit of safety you ought to consider. Close to this tag is another container with the focuses and incentive for that specific setting.

First up, in the Settings area, you have a tab with the choice to eliminate the metadata created by the WP Generator from every one of your pages. Moving to the User Accounts segment you’ll discover the username and show name settings. Your username ought to never be the default ‘administrator’ while show names shouldn’t be equivalent to the login name.

across the board wp-security-firewall-4-client login

In User Login, you’ll discover the settings for Login Lockdown and Force Logout. The first ensures you against an animal power login assault while the second powers a client to log out after a pre-decided measure of time.

Client Registration offers you the alternatives for manual endorsement of new client enrollments and the expansion of a manual human test to the enlistment page. Next is an information base reinforcement alternative and after that are the document framework security choices.

Proceeding onward, the last fundamental choices incorporate essential firewall governs a hotlink anticipation alternative, an opportunity to add a manual human test to log in, and the settings to forestall remark spam.

On to the Intermediate Settings

You’ll initially go over one of these in the Database Security segment with an alternative called DB prefix. Your data set is one of the primary spots programmers take a gander at and subsequently you need to secure it well. One of the approaches to do this is by changing the default WordPress table prefix, and you can do this from here.

The Blacklist Manager is additionally an Intermediate setting from where you can boycott any IP locations and client specialists you need. Next is the choice to cripple catalog and document postings and your 404 location setup in Firewall.

across the board wp-security-firewall-9-firewall

You can even rename your login page to some different option from the default wp-administrator to add an additional layer of safety. Other than this you can incorporate a whitelist of IP delivers you need to offer admittance to your site and add a honeypot alternative to your login page to sift through any bots.

At last, you can empower a File Change Detection highlight that advises you of any record changes which happens on your framework. They can incorporate such things as the expansion and cancellation of records, and it does this by playing out an ordinary robotized or manual output of your framework’s documents.

To wrap things up are the Advanced Settings

There isn’t a considerable lot of these yet they’re the most intricate of all. At the end of the day, empowering or adjusting one of these might, here and there or another, change the manner in which your site works and would need some help.

across the board wp-security-firewall-10

The first occasion when you’ll go over an Advanced tag is in the Firewall choices. From here you can empower or impair some extra firewall rules, empower 5G firewall insurance, block counterfeit Google bots (be cautious with this one as the module will obstruct all bots which utilize the “Googlebot” string in their User-Agent data however are NOT authoritatively from Google).

In Brute Force you can set the last progressed setting; your savage power counteraction firewall settings that you can find in the screen capture above.

Estimating and Support

As I said in the presentation, All in One WP Security and Firewall is a free module that is downloadable from the WordPress module storehouse.

Hence it has the typical .organization support. Anyway with regards to security gives a portion of the help questions can be a smidgen more itemized and convoluted and a few customers requested more engaged individual help.

The designers reacted by setting up Premium Support. This is what it offers:

A designer will hop on your site and explore the issue.

They will discover the wellspring of the issue and give you subtleties on it.

Apply any vital fix for it.

The expense for this will be $30.

In the event that an issue can’t be fixed, they will not charge you anything.

On the off chance that the above sounds great to you, connect with the engineers by filling in an overall contact structure.


In general, I need to say All in One WP Security and Firewall is a useful and natural module that can work effectively at ensuring your WordPress site.

It has an enormous assortment of settings and choices, incredible devices for you to see better how secure your site is, and even clarifications close by each and every setting simply on the off chance that there’s something you’re not exactly certain about.

Regardless of whether you’re new to WordPress or a prepared designer whose been there and done that, this module can work well for your necessities. You can avoid any and all risks with simply the essential settings or go hard and fast “defensive mother” mode and secure your site from start to finish.

In addition, something more, it’s free. You have nothing to lose. Truth be told you have your site to lose in the event that you don’t utilize it. Consider that.

Notwithstanding this, for all the most recent news on WordPress security news and updates, you can look at WP Security Bloggers. It unites every one of the posts from well-known WordPress security web journals and other security sources that distribute news and updates about WordPress security.

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