IC 4440 Amplifier Circuit

Right now are visiting constructed a simple IC 4440 intensifier or an Amplifier circuit yet the yield is extremely decent and high. it’s 12 volts sound intensifier utilizing is LM4440 IC 19 Watts speaker. we’ve got structured it without PCB and utilized scarcely any capacitors with it.
we can utilize it, in-vehicle sound player, just we’ve got interface the wires with the vehicle player. it’s exceptionally modest with remarkable outcome. we’ve got utilized ic 4440 which is stereo however right away are utilizing just one speaker will state mono.

Short out Diagram of the audio amplifier for test

Highlights of 4440 IC:

  • It is 2 channels speaker ic it’s possible that you just can utilize it as Mono or as Stereo.
  • The wave dismissal of 46dB.
  • It is 12v IC however it can accommodate voltage up to 18v.
  • The two channels are clear and might be separated varying.
  • For utilizing 2 channels we want to utilize 12 watts current.
  • In Bridge mode Wattage must be 19W.
  • It has an insurance circuit inbuilt.

ic 4440 intensifier circuit

IC 4440

LA4440 IC may be a two-channel sound Amplifier intensifier with inbuilt in double channels. It for electronic equipment and scaffold enhancer employments. In double mode, it gives 6 watts on each divert, and in connect mode 19 watts yield.
It has dominated swell dismissal of 46dB, worked in overvoltage and flood voltage security, and a few more. The perfect component of the LA4440 IC is its pin-to-stick assurance. Here LA4440 is wired in mono design utilizing the 2 information sources and yields.

Highlights of LA4440

  • Worked in two channels may be utilized as Mono or Stereo
  • Double mode 6W on each channel and Bridge mode 19 Watts
  • Wave dismissal of 46dB
  • Force addressing and 12V commonplace and might manage till 18 volts
  • Low mutilation and great channel detachment
  • Pin-to-Pin assurance and inbuilt Audio Muting capacity

Full Project circuit chart for Mono

4440ic audio amplifier circuit diagram

ic 4440 enhancer or amplifier circuit
The above chart is evident and easy to understand the design of the IC 4440 enhancer or Amplifier circuit. The segments detail is as per the subsequent.

Segments Detail for the audio amplifier circuit

The components detail of the circuit are

  • ic LA4440
  • 47uf 16 volts capacitor (1*2)
  • 100uf 25 volts Capacitors (1*3)
  • Resistor 680 ohm
  • Resistor 100 k
  • sound jack
  • 8-ohm speaker
  • 12v stockpile or battery
  • a few bits of wire

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